HBNet is still under heavy development.

HBNet is a very diverged fork of HBlink3 that extends the functionality of HBLink through several features. HBNet aims to be complete and ready to use application that can be used to build and run, or enhance a DMR network. DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital form of radio with open specifications that has become popular in Amateur Radio over the last several years. Many manufacturers make DMR capable radios.

This project originally started as a not so simple set of scripts to decode GPS locations and generate APRS positions. Through other modifications and additions, it has grown into a fully featured fork.

HBNet consists of 3 parts:

  • The Web Service - The web service is a content management system / administrative tool / user management and authentication system / data gateway dashboard all rolled into a single application. The web service can be run in a data dashboard only mode (for FreeDMR or HBLink), or a DMR only mode (for use without the data gateway).

  • hbnet.py (core DMR server) - This is what MMDVM clients (repeater/hotspot) connect to. Bridges calls and data from clients and servers to eachother. Based on bridge.py from HBLink.

  • Data Gateway - Decodes and processes GPS and SMS data. Sends and receives data from APRS-IS. The data gateway is also compatible with "normal" HBLink and FreeDMR.

See the GitHub site for development progress, bugs, and the Wiki.

End of Year (2021) Update

This project started in September of 2020. I wanted a way to decode GPS locations from a radio and send them to APRS. It took close several months to create this APRS gateway (now referred to as the data gateway). After tinkering with that, the need for "enhanced" private...

Welcome to the new site. Hopefully it will be more inviting and look cooler.